Organic, hand-blended loose leaf teas.

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Our refreshing flavours work together to entice the palate to yearn for more, whilst indulging the body in endless wellbeing benefits.  Our teas are the perfect complement to anyone travelling the journey towards a healthier lifestyle to; wellness, weight loss, reduced stress or anxiety, diabetes and blood pressure control, reduced restlessness, lowering high cholesterol and hair, skin and nail care.

The extensive benefits of our teas are simply endless…one sip at a time!

Organically sourced, beautifully served.

Paddling Duck is a homegrown, Antiguan brand.  The company’s concept was launched in 2015, while sitting with three
collaborators discussing over wine and coffee how to start a market.  Passions were shared in conversation and the idea
to develop blending tea leaves was revealed.

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